Welcome to CZwief.com

Welcome to the personal portfolio website of Cody Zwiefelhofer. I am currently a Software Engineering Intern at Maverick Software Consulting in Minneapolis, MN as well as completing BAs in Computer Science and Professional Journalism at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. For more information on my work experience or current projects, please browse around my website.

My Interests and Projects

My interests lie in systems and application development. My current and past projects include:

  • Developer support for Thomson Reuters: an internal endpoint documentation tool for developers as well as a web application designed to test endpoints. Languages used: Java, Javascript, JSP, HTML/CSS, Ant/XML
  • Language translator: a tool that translates a domain-specific language (DSL) into C++ for compiling & running an analysis on forest cover across the world. Languages used: C++
  • Grocery list organization: a tool to organize grocery lists. Languages used: Python, HTML/CSS

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